Digital and Physical Time Capsule
Share your Love and Memories

Comprehensive: Save digital and physical emotional assets.
Future-proof: Secured for up to 30 years.
Flexible: Event-triggered delivery, like anniversaries, marriage, and the like.
Innovative: Everything is managed via the application.
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All your emotional assets preserved in one place

Choose Digital or Physical, and start managing and sharing your emotional assets. Pre-set your delivery conditions. Intuitive and easy to use -get everything done within minutes.

Digital Time Capsule
from $29/yr
Share your digital assets through an encrypted platform
Set smart delivery events and your conditions*
Fixed price for up to 30 years*
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Physical Time Capsule
from $59/yr
Includes Digital
Link your Physical assets with your digital emotional vault*
Durable and secure packaging to protect your physical items
Store at home or leave in Toldy Care*
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*Features coming soon

When Toldy

Some events are worth preserving

Using Toldy

How it works

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Share your emotional assets that are worth delivering to your loved ones with the Toldy App.

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with love

Set Conditions

Specify a smart delivery event or any condition to deliver your digital or physical assets within the Toldy App.

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Let us deliver a special moment to your loved ones when the time is right.

a few years from now...

Frequently Asked Questions

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How secure is Toldy's Digital?

Toldy Digital uses state-of-the-art end to end encryption to keep your digital messages and emotional assets safe. Not even Toldy can see what’s inside your message.

How safe is Toldy Care?

Toldy Care is a state-of-the-art storage facility specifically designed to keep your emotional assets safe. Facility is fireproof, seismic proof, flood proof and is monitored 24/7.

Would the shipping cost be included in the Toldy Box?

Shipping to your address will be covered by Toldy, however return postage to Toldy and shipping to your recipient would be covered by you.

What is the maximum capacity of Toldy Digital?

We prefer not to measure Toldy Digital in capacity, as Toldy is a messaging service rather than file storage. However if you are wondering about ‘storage size’ there is no limit.

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